Burns 400 calories in a 20 Minute Workout! Now imagine what can be done in our 1 hour class!

Training Schedule:


All K-bell training students must start with a great base of knowledge and movement patterns.  This class teaches you the fundamental movements, keeping you safe while working you hard!  Every Thursday at 7PM at 233 Dunbar, Mt Royal  and Monday at 11:30AM- (Max. of 8 people per class)


If a private class is not what you are looking for, then set up private instruction with one of our K-bell certified trainers.  We offer 1 hour and 30 minute private sessions at the private studio on 233 Dunbar, Mt. Royal.










1)    KB exercises are based on training movement rather than isolating muscles. The approach is more functional, working the body in natural patterns of movement, the way we were built/intended to move! All KB exercises work the entire body together treating joints and muscle groups as team players.
2)    Due to its full body integrated approach KB’s cross all modalities of fitness; strength, power, muscle endurance, cardiovascular strength, flexibility and mobility. With one simple tool all of your health and fitness goals can be met!
3)    KB’s not only strengthen your muscular system but also your joints. The movements require the body to be in extension and joints to be straightened while holding the KB. This helps reinforce connective tissue creating more stability and strength in your wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.
4)    KB training is the king of FAT LOSS! You burn 20.2 calories per minute performing an interval style KB routine! That’s 404 CALORIES BURNED PER 2O MINUTE WORKOUT, equivalent to running a 6 minute mile!! (*Study performed by the American Council on Exercise)
5)    Kettlebell training is great for rehab. Physiotherapists and other manual therapists, who are in the know, prescribe KB exercises as a part of their rehabilitation programs! As per its full body integrated approach good posture and proper movement are reinforced which helps to reset the body for people who suffer from injuries and chronic pain due to muscular imbalances.




KB training is great for anyone 15 years and up. You do not have to be an athlete, nor a hardcore fitness junky to do KB’s (if you do fall into those categories we openly invite you, and trust me you will be challenged!) At L’Equipe Trainwithmike we have some of our 68 year old women clients swinging 12kg KB’s! However, like all training regimes, one has to learn the fundamentals, understand the correct technique and posture and work their way up from there. We do not allow people to progress to more complex movements until they can demonstrate the ability to perform the basics. On that note, if you do as aforementioned Kettlebell training is perfectly safe! What is unsafe is going onto YouTube, watching some yahoo (no pun intended) pretending to be a professional instructor flail about with a KB and then without any instruction or experience attempting to do it on your own. That’s a sure fire way of getting hurt, (just like with any other load bearing exercise) and it is those people who tell you, “I did Kettlebells before and I got hurt, they’re dangerous”. No you are dangerous!
Come try out our beginner KB group class or take a few one-on-one sessions with one of our KB pros and then you will be on your way to changing your body and your perspective on training forever!




1)    Train barefoot or with very flat soled shoes (e.g. Nike Free Sparq, or Five Fingers) to take full advantage of ground forces.
2)    Where gloves and wrist bands (tennis sweat bands) at first……try out our KB class and you will understand why! ☺
3)    Men start with a 12kg or 16kg KB (trained guys will move quickly to a 20kg), women start with an 8kg or 12kg KB. If you find a 5kg KB or less (invented by our glorious fitness industry), bring it to your office it will make a great paper weight but it’s useless for KB training! You need to have enough weight to use momentum, the basic principle of most KB movements.

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