Trainwithmike will help you realize your health and fitness goals through
expert evaluations and personalized programs.


Postural analysis, movement tests, range of motion testing, body fat analysis. Strength and endurance tests.


All training sessions are performed with a certified personal trainer who, after proper assessment, creates a personalized program for each client using varying styles and methods.

Foam Roller and Mobility:

From everyday activity and inactivity, our muscles get riddled with knots. Working a muscle or stretching a muscle with knots simply makes the knots tighter and does not allow for efficient movement. The foam roller works as a self-massage tool to help reduce the knots in our muscles. Along with the foam roller work, clients are given personalized mobility exercises to gain range of motion and to help create more functional movement

Fitness Nutrition:

A healthy lifestyle encompasses exercise and nutrition. The team will evaluate the client’s eating patterns and create an ‘Eating for Action’ plan that will help them achieve their lifestyle goals.

Group Training:

We offer Buddy Training, 2 clients 1 trainer and larger group training classes ranging from 3-10 people. Group classes include, Kettlebell, Tween/Teen Fitness Group, Strength, Conditioning for Dancers and Bootcamp. Our classes accommodate beginners to advanced trainees.