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We’re in the Philippines now and leaving to China in just a few days. I was thinking of you the other day while we were in Indonesia – we climbed to the crater rim of a volcano which took 9 hours of very demanding treking. I just wanted to tell you that I don’t think I would have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the years of bootcamp classes that I took with you. So thanks!

I look forward to getting back into shape when I get home!
Jacob Cowles

My name is Laura and I take your TRX classes and your Tuesday bootcamp class with Ben.

I wanted to write to say thank you for having Ben teach these classes!  He is amazing!

I’ve been working out on and off for 6 years and never have I been as motivated.  Ben truly cares about his clients and it shows. He notices things that we have trouble with and remembers week to week – something incredibly rare in a group class teacher.

He also really teaches the class.  He doesn’t tell us what to do and expect us to follow, he explains why we’re doing something a certain way, and if anyone has trouble he takes the time to make sure that we’re comfortable with an exercise before moving on.

All of this may sound like his job, and it is, but I have never had a group fitness teacher who cares about his students and seems truly invested in our fitness and happiness to the same extent.

Ben is incredible at his job.  He has not only changed how I work out and gotten me into the best shape that I have ever been in, but he has fostered a love of fitness in me that I never knew was there.  He has helped me to love the social aspect of exercise and has made going to the gym fun!

Thank you so much for hiring Ben and having him teach these classes…it’s the best!

Laura D’Angelo

“Team Train with Mike” gave me personal, affordable service and customized programs, with regular follow up and a supportive atmosphere; making the otherwise daunting atmosphere of the weights room a comfortable place.

A place where you go with a sense of purpose; to get and stay healthy!

Personally I have experienced a really holistic approach; not forgetting healthy eating, rest and helping the customer aim for appropriate individualized goals. Personal trainer for everyone, highly recommended!

Dr AvinashSinha

Assistant Professor

Director of Acute Pain Services

MUHC Department of Anesthesia

Montreal General Hospital

Training three times a week with you has been an amazing experience. Mike has always been a true professional, who has helped  me feel healthier, stronger and improved my bone mass and stability, with well chosen, whole body workouts. TWM has taught me great workout habits, how to eat right and use my body more effectively. They always listened to and responded with valuable information to my questions on diet and exercise. I benefitted from the experience in training with the kettlebell, with trx workouts and with whole body strength training. Thank you for building up my confidence and giving me a NEW body…..

Susan Ritter

Over the many years I have known Mike, I have had the opportunity not only to be trained by him but I’ve also trained with him on a number of occasions. I can honestly say that he definitely practices what he preaches with drive that I’ve been striving to mimic with much difficultly. Although his enthusiasm for personal training has never wavered, his knowledge base for writing diets and training programs continues to get more sophisticated as the fitness industry evolves and new theories are published. I’ve been trained by him for various goals such as: strength, size, muscular definition and injury recovery/prevention and each time we have achieved the set for me. Thanks to Mike, my troublesome lower back is more stable than it has been in years. His professionalism and expertise is next to none and needs be commended!

Philip Milioto

Project Manager


As an active member of TWM for the past few years, I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous TWM services. Initially, I was interested in developing a regular strength routine, however I received so much more than what I was looking for. The sessions were uniquely catered to my interest and fitness goals, and were constantly evolving to challenge my body in new innovative ways. I quickly achieved my initial goal of increasing my overall strength, and also reaped the benefits of improved posture, high energy levels and elimination of lower back pain. The TRX classes are also an excellent dynamic strength workout in a motivating group environment. Also, a massage with Julie is the best compliment to a satisfying workout!

The overall experience with the TWM team has been very valuable to me, especially since I am constantly learning new exercises and techniques that I will be able to incorporate into my exercise routine once I graduate and leave Montreal.  I am particularly picky when it comes to working with a trainer, and am grateful to have found the TWM team. I would recommend their services without hesitation to anyone!

Jasmine Mawji

Mike is more of a ‘body architect’ than a trainer. He evaluates your body, assesses your objectives and designs a package to put you on the road to your goals while at the same time ensuring you work on your body’s weak points. A true professional whether in my home or at the gym!

Brian Rinkevicius

Marketing Manager

Pratt & Whitney

My wife, Gail, and I have been using Trainwithmike for 10 years for our at-home fitness training needs. While our levels of fitness and training are very different, TWM has been able to tailor our individual workouts and diet in such a way as to be extremely effective for both of our needs. My back and neck pain (an occupational hazard of being a dentist), which I had prior to my training, have been completely eliminated with the extensive focus they have placed on core strength and flexibility. In addition, the training sessions are fun with a new revised program every 6 weeks focusing on different functional sport specific exercises. Trainwithmike fits into our busy lives by coming right to our home 3 mornings a week. As a 60-year-old road warrior, who is in the best overall shape of his life, I would highly recommend Team Trainwithmike to anyone interested in either getting into shape or maintaining an already high level of fitness.

David Auerbach, D.D.S.

After training with Mike for two years, my strength and balance have improved markedly. I credit Mike’s rehab program for my recovery of full range of motion after suffering two frozen shoulders. Mike’s individually tailored and constantly evolving programs ensure that I remain motivated to keep training. For someone whose work is sedentary and who works long hours, this has been a great blessing.

Robyn C.

writer and editor

Mike Pellegrini is an extraordinary trainer by virtue of his breadth of knowledge and his acute powers of observation. Mike is an observer of minute details. He is demanding of exact movements during exercise, and this makes a huge difference is the degree of effectiveness of the workout. It would be virtually impossible to stand outside of oneself and interact on posture and movement the way Mike does. Building on observation and correction of movement, he works long-term to build core strength step by step in a highly disciplined routine of exercise and modifications.

Mike totally rebuilt me, starting with very simple basic exercises based around concepts of core strengthening. Few professionals observe any more. Mike’s work is based on continual observation. Mike sees any physical problem as an opportunity to further develop his knowledge of weight training and takes any client as a challenge. He provides a continually adjusted work schedule to keep one progressing. His training is so effective because it is continually goal oriented, focusing on exercises designed for the individual’s particular needs, and not relying on machines which tend to be very imprecise in their strengthening.

David Cowles


I have been a client of Trainwithmike for about a year and a half. When I began the training, I was very impressed with the process right from the onset. Mike sat down with me, and we talked in depth about my goals, and exactly what I wanted to get out of my program. Surprisingly, as you continue to train, your goals have a tendency to evolve. Mike has ALWAYS been open to sitting down and listening, and through open dialogue, together we rebuilt the program.

The Trainwithmike team has a very strong focus on proper nutrition. I have become a true believer in understanding the link between eating well and working out hard. Mike was kind enough to introduce me to SANTEMOBILE, a service which offers well balanced meals, prepared and delivered right to your door. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. The TEAM really understands what the term “one on one “means. The focus is on me, and that is very important. –

Joel Davine

Retail Management

I am a 41-year-old woman with a moderate visual impairment. I started working with Mike 15 months ago and it has changed my life. I was overweight and had difficulties with balance and coordination: one of those kids in high school who hated gym class. Mike was ALWAYS objective, patient and encouraging, and he knew when it was time to be tough. With Mike’s guidance, I have changed my diet and exercise regularly. I have also found a new hobby: running! I feel great inside and out! I have more energy and self-confidence than ever. The service is always professional: Mike sets realistic goals and caters to my needs. Thank you Mike for helping me improve my health and quality of life through fitness!

Irene Feher

artist and voice teacher.

It has been absolutely great working with Trainwithmike. They are top notch. They are continuously developing and perfecting training programs to suit my needs. Their knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm have guided and motivated me for over two years.

Abe Gomel

Retired executive

Our work together has been very important to me at my age (64), as it relates directly to my general health. It is obvious you understand how the human physique functions, and over the years we have worked together I have come to trust your knowledge, your judgment, and your gentle patience. You don’t push too hard, but you do inspire me to do the best I can. Honestly, I can’t think of a better combination of commitment, knowledge, patience, and integrity in a trainer — I’m fortunate to have found you, and would recommend you without reservation to others.

Bruce Haynes, Ph.D.

Writer and musician

Prof. associé, Faculté de Musique, Université de Montréal

Senior Fellow, Canada Council, 2003

A trainer is in the first place a teacher, and a real teacher does far more than just give you information. A real teacher shows you how to make his knowledge your own and then how to use it to change your life for the better. Mike Pellegrini is a born teacher.

James Louder


I couldn’t have asked for a better fitness team than the one from Train With Mike. I have been a client for over 2 years and they have really helped my body, my mentality, and my self confidence. Before I started to work out with the Train With Mike Team I had tried every single diet plan available on the market. Honestly, the key to happiness and health is diet and exercise. Train With Mike helped increase my energy level through their food service and healthy eating plans. They also helped me build my strength and endurance through a well rounded workout plan. Exercise became fun and every session was different…difficult but different. I also joined their Bootcamp group fitness classes…it was hard, and I was sore, but it’s totally worth it. I want to say thank you to the Train With Mike Team for helping me loose over 20 lbs and tone up my jiggily parts :-) Thanks a million.

Tahnya Parachuk owner of mediamadam.ca

It’s been just over a year that I’ve been training with Mike. After years of working out on my own and not achieving the results I wanted, Mike was able to turn this all around! He was able to build a training program which reconciled my goal of gaining muscle mass with long distance running – not an easy task! Mike’s tailored and continuously updated workout programs, as well as his highly effective training style, have kept me motivated and have been key in helping me achieve my goals. Thanks Mike !

Pierre Taillefer, CA

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP