The TRX system was born out of the U.S. Navy Seals to allow soldiers to be able to exercise their entire body anywhere. It is a suspended bodyweight tool where your body becomes the machine. Made from sturdy nylon, these non-elastic bands can be hung from the ceiling, a door frame or any strong structure that is at least six feet off the ground (e.g. a tree branch). Think of every exercise that you perform using free weights or a machine, and then picture doing those movements suspended with your bodyweight and being able to do it anywhere!

That’s the TRX system in a nutshell. You can make any exercise easier or harder by changing your body’s position by simply stepping forward or backwards. The greatest thing about the TRX is that every exercise is a core exercise. It is easy to learn, great for teaching movement patterns and posture, so it’s perfect for beginners. Athletic clients also benefit from a very challenging and dynamic workout, again by adjusting your position any exercise can go from easy to very hard! One simple tool, hundreds of functional exercises touching upon all the important stuff: strength, core, posture, mobility and endurance….and a whole lot of challenge!

Our small group classes teach you the how to adjust and use the bands effectively, progressing you through hundreds of exercises and challenging workouts!

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Schedule: Wednesdays at 7PM on 233 Dunbar, Mt Royal.  TRX Fusion

Maximum of 11 people per class.