Trainwithmike Bootcamp


Trainwithmike has been working people out since 1997. Our mission is to properly assess and evaluate each client on a physical and personal level, and to adapt our knowledge to suit their specific needs.

At Trainwithmike, we believe that one-on-one training is about adapting to the needs of each client. A good personal trainer provides different styles of training to suit each individual and their varying goals. We honour the uniqueness of our clients.

Trainwithmike is about building relationships, working together, having fun, and motivating clients to create a healthier lifestyle.

At Trainwithmike, we take a global view of health and well-being. We emphasize strength, posture, flexibility, and nutrition as critical components of an overall fitness plan. Our functional approach to training emphasizes working the body as a whole, seeing every muscle as a team player rather than an individual isolated unit.

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